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Helping students find career opportunities 🎓

I helped an ed-tech startup create a student-based platform that provides resources and mentorship opportunities for career growth. I created a clickable MVP from the client's sketches and established a responsive design system for further development. The prototype was used in user testing and stakeholder presentations.

“Jodie was amazing to work with and her work reflected what we had asked her for. She wasn’t just a designer for us, she also helped our team thinking through our ideas and giving a third party perspective which was invaluable to the team.”






2 weeks

Understanding the users

The client established two types of user on the platform:

Primary user : Students
Use the platform to connect with other students and creators to find their dream job. These were the focus of the work undertaken and the journey mapped.

Student persona 
"The struggling student wants to secure an internship opportunity to gain work experience in their field of study"

Secondary user : Creators
Use the platform to share their industry expeirence via resources, answering questions and offering services (such as interview practise).

Creating the design system

Using the main colours provided, I created a responsive design system in Figma which enabled me to rapidly build the prototype.


The prototype illustrated the core journey of a student entering the platform:

1. Create the account

After students create their account, they are prompted to choose their nests. Nests are communities that they’re interested in. This enables them to network with others in the same nests, create posts, ask questions and view resources to help them.

Chose your nests

They are then taken to their landing page. They can see posts, questions and resources from the nests they chose to join during onboarding. They can also search other nests, people or companies.

Home pageSearch more nests

2. Browse Creators

Students can search for creators to see what content they have to help them in their career path. Creator accounts are different to regular accounts, symbolised by the egg icon and having more functionality.

Creators page

For example, creators can offer paid services to users through the platform such as CV reviews and mock interviews. This is a safe and secure way for students to find mentorship opportunities rather than paying an individual directly who may have no credibility.

Creator services

For each service, creators can offer different levels if they wish. This can be time or content based, for example a 20 minute CV review or a 60 minute CV review.

Project Outcome

The client was very happy with the service provided and offered a contract extension as they wanted me to continue to build out their service.

This prototype was used for a demo and helped the client secure their first operate partnership.

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